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31 History Facts!

12. Which people spoke Gibberish?

Athens Necropolis (Pinterest)


In a way we do, all of us! – The ancient Greeks used the term barbarian to describe all non-Greek-speaking people.

That’s because the language they spoke sounded to Greeks like Gibberish represented by the sounds “bar bar bar”. Now take a moment and guess what are the roots of Brabi…

Bonus fact 1: Sign language is not an international language. Each verbal language has its own sign language. Like natural languages, sign languages are developed locally, by people who interact with one another In fact, British sign language and its American counterpart are so different that deaf people from both sides of the pond can’t understand each other.

Bonus fact 2: Gorillas, bonobos, and chimpanzees, and some other animals can be taught sign language in laboratory conditions; however, this is not the case with written or instrumentation-assisted language. Interestingly, animals that did learn a language in the lab preferred social and sexual individual-animals who also acquired their language. Moreover, they speak to themselves in sign language when they are alone.

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