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31 History Facts!

25. Was Napoleon always pro-France?

Bonaparte Napoleon (


On the contrary, the French Emperor was not born French but Corsican. In Fact, while in his mother’s womb both his parents fought against France as Corsicans. Moreover, in his youth, he bitterly hated the French and even aspired to serve in the British navy, France’s then-days nemesis!

Bonus fact 1: Napoleon did not speak French until he was nine years old when his parents sent him there for school. Till his last day, Napoleon spoke with a heavy Corsican accent and misspell many words in French. 

Bonus fact 2: Bonaparte not only one of the greatest warlords in human history but also one of its principal legislators. He founded the Code of Napoleon – France’s civil law – which laid the foundation for the entire west-European modern law. The code is still partially practiced in many countries.  

Bonus fact 3: Speaking about his failed invasion of Russia, Napoleon said: “From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step”.

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