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Cornrows hairdo: a secret communication channel? 


While toady cornrows are just another cool hairstyle, not so long ago they played a major part in the struggle for freedom and even saved lives, no less!

During the slavery era in South-America, braids were used to convey well-encrypted messages. For example, in Colombia, a slave who wanted to indicate her friends she plans to escape wore braids in a style called “de-partes” (departs in french), whose characteristic was thick and very tight braids to each other and the scalp, also they were gathered into a ponytail above.

Moreover, cornrows hairdo was used by enslaved Africans to maps of secret trails to escape the plantations and their guards. 

Bonus fact 1: They also hid gold used to hide gold, and all sorts of seeds in their braids, which later helped them survive and start a new life!!

Bonus fact 2: In the old continent braid patterns and hairstyles were used to denote a person’s tribe, age, marital status, wealth, social stature, religion, and more.

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