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What was the biggest electoral fraud in history?


In 1927, after seven successful years in office, Charles Dunbar Burgess King leader of the True Whig Party and President of Liberia, decided to run again for reelection. Though challenged by the popular Thomas Faulkner, King won by a landslide. According to the official records King received 234,000 votes, which raised some eyebrows since at that time there were only 15,000 eligible voters in Liberia.

For this questionable achievement, King is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the most fraudulent election reported in history.

Bonus Fact: In 2007 president of Syria Bashar Al-Assad received a staggering 97% of the votes and won the election. He was the sole candidate. No one was running against him.

The proud Syrian Minister of Interior, Bassam Abdel Majeed, who was in charge of the “free” election process and “democratic festivity” said: “The broad consensus testifies to Syria’s political maturity and democracy”… hmm…

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