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30 Picked History Facts!

10. Who was the Jewish Doctor that Hitler loved?

Dr. Eduard Bloch


As most of you might have heard, Hitler was not very fond of Jews. However, there was one exception – the Edeljude. Dr. Eduard Bloch – a Jewish veteran of the Austrian army – was the Hitlers’ family physician, when Adolph was a child.

The good doctor took care of Hitler’s father, Aloys Hitler, and later his mother, Clara, who suffered from breast cancer and died in severe anguish. Her condition required taking daily, expensive, medication. Because of the Hitlers’ poor economic situation, the golden-heart doctor charged reduced prices, sometimes taking no fee at all.

After the annexation of Austria, Hitler awarded Bloch special protection from the Gestapo. 

He called him an “Edeljude”, meaning a “noble Jew”.

In 1940 the Fuhrer arranged for Dr. Bloch to emigrate to the United States. 

Bonus fact: In 1941 and 1943, American intelligence interviewed Dr. Bloch to obtain information on Hitler’s childhood. 

Bonus fact 2: Dr. Bloch later published his memories about the encounter with young Hitler in which he painted a positive picture of future mass-murderer, saying that he was not a ruffian, untidy or impolite. He also said that Hitler’s mom would turn in her grave if she knew what he had become. 

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